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No matter where you call home in Atascadero, CA, you need to protect it with home insurance. You have a lot invested in your home, not to mention everything that is inside your home, and you want to get the best deal possible for your homeowners’ insurance. You need to work with an independent insurance agent from Arnoldussen & Associates Insurance Services. We shop the market of insurance companies to find our clients the best insurance policy that fits their situation and needs. A captive agent works for the insurance company they represent, while independent agents work for their clients. Contact us today to see what a difference an independent insurance agent can make when it comes to cheap home insurance.

Homeowners Insurance in Atascadero

Your affordable homeowner’s insurance has several different coverage types that are outlined in the policy. It is important to understand what these are and what they mean for your property. The dwelling is the home itself and this is where various repairs or rebuilding will happen with a claim from your insurance company. Other structures are the terminology used for things like fences, sheds, gazebos, and other structures that are detached from the dwelling.

Personal property is an important coverage as this is for the things inside your home. Furniture, electronics, clothing, appliances, linens, and a host of other things are all covered under the personal property area. Loss of use is important because this means that you cannot live in your home until repairs are made, so the insurance will provide funds to cover the cost of alternative living space until your home is repaired to a habitable condition.

Mobile Home Insurance in Atascadero, California

Mobile Home Insurance in Atascadero, CaliforniaThere are many people that choose to live in a mobile home, but this doesn’t change the fact that mobile home insurance is still needed in Atascadero, California. Just like renters should have renters’ insurance to protect their personal property, low-cost mobile home insurance is there to protect not only the personal property but the mobile home itself as the dwelling. Arnoldussen & Associates Insurance Services can help you to find the right mobile home insurance or any other insurance policy that you may need.

Don’t leave yourself or your property unprotected when getting the right insurance doesn’t take long to put in place. The area was originally home to the Chumash and Salinan Native Americans. Edward Gardner Lewis, a magazine publisher from the East, founded Atascadero in 1913 as a utopian, planned colony. He had previously created such a community at University City, Missouri. Thousands of acres of orchards were planted, a water system was installed, and construction began on an 18-mile road (now Highway 41 west) through the Santa Lucia Mountains to the ocean (Morro Bay), where Lewis built cottages and a beachfront hotel called the Cloisters. Contact us today to put our 40+ years of experience to work finding you the right home insurance.

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