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Landscaping is a business that looks easy enough to get into in Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Nipomo, Oceano, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, and the surrounding areas, but if you aren’t careful and don’t plan appropriately you could get burned. Landscaping business insurance is important to review and have the right policies in place, and Arnoldussen & Associates can help you find the right insurance policies.

From having the right business owner’s policy to adding protection for your equipment as well as making sure that you have workers compensation insurance for your employees, we will shop the market to get quotes for all of the insurance policies that your business may need. Talk with us today to get your landscaping business insurance squared away.

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Landscaping Business Insurance

Landscaper in Arroyo Grande, CA with Landscaping Business Insurance Riding a Lawnmower
Like most other kinds of business insurance, landscaping insurance is a suite of insurance policies that are designed to provide specific coverage for different aspects of your business. You likely have a truck or vehicle of some kind, so commercial auto insurance is a must. You also have a variety of tools and equipment, so commercial property insurance will also be something you need to protect that investment. But there are other insurance options that you might not realize can be important for your business.

One of these options is cyber liability insurance. More and more even small businesses rely on technology for taking payments and keeping records up to date. You don’t want to have a data breach where your customers’ information is released. An umbrella policy might also be something to look at to help cover lawsuits that would exceed the limits of your normal insurance policies.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

Landscaper in Grover Beach, CA Using Insured Tools and Equipment From hand tools such as hedge trimmers and shears to edgers and leaf blowers to riding lawnmowers and other equipment, you have a lot invested into all of what you need to keep people’s properties looking their best. These items need to be insured against vandalism, theft, or other events so that you can continue to operate your business. This might mean inland marine insurance is the right option, but with a conversation with our independent insurance agents, we will help get you the right coverage.

As a landscape company, you do yourself a huge favor by having the right landscaping business insurance in place. Many potential clients will require you to have insurance in place that they can verify otherwise you won’t be able to garner a contract with them in Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Nipomo, Oceano, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at Arnoldussen & Associates to have our independent agents help you get the right insurance to protect your business and assets.

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