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Property insurance coverage provides you with protection from the various risks that your property faces. Such risks may include fire, theft, weather damage, and more. By arming yourself with quality property insurance protection you can ensure that your home or property is protected in the event of an unexpected disaster that can compromise the integrity of your property and the safety of your loved ones. If you want to protect your investment, then you need quality property insurance coverage!

At Arnoldussen & Associates Insurance Services it’s our pleasure to offer a range of property insurance coverage options to the communities of Ocean, Pismo Beach, Grove Beach, Arroyo Grande, Nipomo, San Luis Obispo, and the surrounding areas in the Central Coast. Working with several reputable insurance providers, we help you assess your property insurance needs and find you the provider and policy that keeps you financially protected and your property secure.

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Property Insurance & Home Insurance Coverage are not the same thing

Home insurance and property insurance may appear to be the same, but when you take a closer look, they are quite different. While each go hand in hand, property insurance is a broad form of insurance coverage that includes coverage for your property, including your dwelling.

Home Insurance

The objective of home insurance is to protect your dwelling place and other structures related to your home from a range of risks that may include natural disasters, theft, etc. Home insurance coverage typically includes coverage for your personal belongings and your liability, making it a form of property insurance coverage.

Property Insurance

Property insurance coverage is a broader form of insurance protection that includes a number of different insurance policies such as flood insurance, renters insurance, earthquake insurance, and more! Property insurance coverage may include replacement cost, cash value, and extended replacement costs for property lost, stolen, or damaged.

Flood Insurance for your Property

With the sunny weather conditions of Southern California, oftentimes homeowners forget that their homes are at risk of flooding. Floods can be caused by a range of different issues that include natural disasters, mudslides, poor weather conditions, and more. Having good flood insurance coverage can keep you, your dwelling, and your property protected in the event of a flood that can damage and destroy your home and/or personal belongings.

Not only do we assist you in finding the right flood insurance coverage for your home in the Central Coast, we arm you with a range of property insurance solutions to safeguard your investments. With your needs in mind first, it’s our privilege to assist you in finding property insurance solutions at reasonable rates.

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