Landscaping Business Insurance & Landscapers Insurance in Arroyo Grande, CA

Landscapers in Arroyo Grande, CA with Landscaping Business InsuranceWhen you think of a landscaping business you likely think about riding lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, and other equipment. While this is true, there are other things that a landscaping business needs to deal with, and our team at Arnoldussen & Associates can help. There are plenty of different kinds of insurance to help cover the equipment that you use, the workers that you employ, and other aspects. But there are also other kinds of insurance that you may not think of that can be equally valuable and provide important coverage that could end up saving the business from going under. Make the call to our team today to learn more about the right kinds of landscaping business insurance that is available.

Landscapers Insurance in Arroyo Grande

Over the last 30 years, we have helped several landscapers get the right landscaper insurance policies so that they aren’t vulnerable or exposed. Professional liability insurance also referred to as omissions and errors insurance, helps to protect against claims related to negligence in work performed. Business interruption insurance can be helpful insurance as it provides for lost income from a covered event, such as property damage or theft.

Your landscape business insurance needs to address all of the areas where your business can be vulnerable. This might include the supplies that you need to build an outdoor patio, the tools needed to install a retaining wall, or the equipment used to mow lawns and clean up leaves. But you will also need to include your business vehicle in your landscape insurance needs as well.

Tool and Equipment Insurance in Arroyo Grande, California

Landscaper in Arroyo Grande, CA with Landscapers Insurance, Riding a LawnmowerIn many cases, you will need to work on landscaping projects over several days if not weeks to complete them in Arroyo Grande, California. Many times it is easiest to leave the needed materials on site along with some tools and/or equipment, but this should all be covered with tools and equipment insurance. This insurance with Arnoldussen & Associates will cover theft, vandalism, or damage to the tools or materials so that your business is covered and you can finish projects to satisfy your clients.

Talk with our independent insurance agents and have us shop the market for your landscaping insurance needs. In 1863, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors established the township of Arroyo Grande. Arroyo Grande was incorporated as a city on July 10, 1911. Frank E. Bennett was the first mayor and C.B. Doty became the first City Marshal. The citizens of the newly formed city of Arroyo Grande voted on January 21, 1912, to outlaw alcohol seven years before prohibition. Contact us today to protect your landscape business.

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